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Cream Legbars

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Welcome to KatiesKluckers.co.uk

Welcome! My name’s Katie and this is my site. We’re a

small family business situated in Worcestershire, near

Malvern. I focus mainly on Polish/Polands, Silkies and

Cream Crested Legbars, I keep these because they are

the best breeds ever! We also keep Call Ducks, Crested

Ducks and Miniature Silver Appleyards, so will often

have them available too. All our birds are happy and

healthy, very good quality and extremely friendly

(Polands especially). Polands and Silkies make great pets and Cream legbars lay blue eggs! I also have some VERY fertile Poland/Polish hatching eggs available for collection only at the moment. If you are interested in anything on this site or have any questions, please contact me.


About the breeds


Polands are without a doubt the bestest most delightful

little chickens in my opinion, not only do they look

fantastic with their enormous ‘hair’, but they are also

ridiculously friendly. What more could you want from a

pet? We also have plenty of colours to choose from;

gold laced, silver laced, White crested black,

cuckoo/barred, Tolbunt, Chamois and normally we have

unusual colours available too. We have both frizzle and

smooth (frizzle means they have crazy sticking out feathers. See Poland Page). We have bantam and large fowl, and on top of all that, they lay fairly small, white eggs, most of ours lay every other day but it really depends on each individual. My hens are £20 each (except tolbunt), cockerels go FREE. If you want to see the colours in more detail, visit my Poland Page, or Contact me.


Silkies are probably the fluffiest chickens ever! It’s hard to describe their fur-like texture. They are a popular breed of chicken, very cute,

trusting birds. Silkies have a very sweet temperament,

most are quite friendly, some of the little ones can get a

little panicked though. They make excellent pets for

children and adults alike, very easy to handle. Silkies

come in different colours, at the moment we only have

white silkies available (a fox took our last black and blues

:( ), but I am getting some other colours soon. Probably

one of the best things about silkies (other than fluffiness) is that they go broody often, and if you let them sit they prove to be good mothers, not so good if you’re looking for an egg layer though. Silkies have black skin, 5 toes and blue earlobes, which I think just makes them look even nicer. If you are interested to look at my growing silkie collection, click here or contact me.

Cream Crested Legbar

Ok, so if you want a good, reliable egg layer, then maybe Polands and Silkies aren’t for you. If so, Legbars are definitely what you need!

They not only lay pretty much every day, they

lay big, blue eggs! Yes, you heard right, BLUE!!

Legbars are large fowl, I think they’re really

lovely with their lopsided comb and their funny

(greedy) attitude! They do eat more than the

others, but they’re worth it, don’t you think?

Mine have become quite friendly (or maybe just

super greedy) recently but they don’t like being handled as much as my bantams. Cream legbars are an auto-sexing breed, so I know which are male or female when they are born (Silkies are a nightmare!) If you are interested in my Legbars, check out the legbar page, or contact me!