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Polish/Polands that I breed:
(Gold laced, Silver laced, White crested black, White crested Cuckoo, Tolbunt and Chamois)

Gold laced polish
The first chicken I ever had was a Gold Laced Polish, I instantly fell in love with her!
The cockerels of this colour should have a nice golden-red colour to them, where as 
the hens are a lighter gold. They have black and gold appearance, they make great pets as I find these one of the friendliest colours of polish (and naughtiest!!) We have them in frizzle and smooth.

Silver Laced Polish
Silver laced Polish chickens are great, especially if you like black and white! They look just like gold laced, only with silver instead of gold. The silver is just like white really, only slightly less white! (well I guess it makes sense...) They are great birds, we have them in both Frizzle and Smooth.

White Crested Black Polish
White crested black are one of the best colours! We don’t breed the frizzle version of White Crested Black (yet). These Polish are different to the ‘laced’ because they don’t have lacing in them, instead they have a completely black body and a white crest. All of my hens have massive crests, which is being passed down the generations. They shouldn’t have any black in their crests other that the ‘butterfly’ - the black band across the front. I find these the friendliest and most docile of the Polish.

White Crested Cuckoo Polish
White crested Cuckoos, are like white crested black, but with barring on the body instead of black. The more contract the colours, the better the barring. Barring should be from dark grey, to very pale grey (almost white). The ones I have are Bantams. I think this is a really pretty colour, the breeding hens we keep are gorgeous. We only have smooth, not frizzle.

Tolbunt Polish
Earlier this year I hatched Ryan O’Horn and Diamond, my Tolbunt Polish. Tolbunt's have gold, black and white feathers which makes them unique from other colours on Polish. Ryan is for sale as he is related to Diamond, but I am looking for an unrelated cockerel to put with diamond. If you have one for sale please Contact me.

Interested in my Polish? Visit the contact me page!!


Dizzy, a frizzle gold laced Polish hen

Kim, a Gold Laced Polish Frizzle Cockerel

Scruffle, VERY interested in the camera

A Gold Laced Polish hen

Gold Lacing up close

A young silver Laced Polish

A young Silver Laced Polish Frizzle

A young Gold Laced Polish

Silver Lacing up close

Shadow, a Silver Laced Polish hen

A Silver Laced Polish chick

WCB Polish Chicks (awwww!)

Avocado, a WCB Polish hen

William (for sale), a WCB Cockerel

Pluffy, a WCB Polish hen

Cecil, a WCB Polish boy

Barring on Richard (for sale)

Terrance, Cuckoo Polish boy (for sale)

Terrance (again), Cuckoo Polish boy (for sale)

Rachel, my Cuckoo Polish hen

Rachel, my Cuckoo Polish hen

Richard, cuckoo polish boy

Diamond and Ryan O’Horn, my 2 Tolbunt Polish, Ryan (right) is for sale.